Talisman Necklace

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This pendant features apotropaic qualities. It is believed that in the spiritual world that both good dreams and bad dreams are freely wandering, waiting to be captured by the dreamer. The dreamcatcher is believed to help encourage pleasant dreams, by capturing the bad dreams within its woven, web-like centre and helping us obtain the good dreams through the feathers. 
Additionally, the charms featured on this pendant are considered lucky and invite positivity. The charms featured are a Hamsa Hand, which is linked to good luck, fortune and health, a Heart which is associated with the centre of emotions, affection and love and a Feather which has many different meanings related to angels, luck and the attraction of positive things.
This Pendant comes with a 24” Belcher chain.

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Width – 26mm
Height – 49mm
Style – Talisman Necklace
Hallmark – FIYAH 925
Materials – Sterling silver, Rhodium and Marcasite
Weight – 5.6g
Chain Length – 24”
Chain type - Belcher