FIYAH Charm Bangle

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The FIYAH Charm Bangle provides peace and faith whilst encouraging friendship and a loving spirit.

The flexible sterling silver bangle makes the FIYAH Charm Bangle comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

The easily adjusted rings that hold the charms have a silicone lining that hugs the silver so you can have your charms spread all the way along the bangle or tightly packed together. 

Feather Charm

Feathers are a strong sign from the angelic realm, filled with love, guidance and support.

This rose gold feather charm encourages our awareness and belief that angels are always nearby, supporting our choices in life.

Dove Charm

Doves, usually white in colour, are used in many settings as symbols of love, peace or as messengers.


This one is for the real FIYAH family. Wear as a charm or add to a keyring: its pebble-like surface makes the silver comforting to the touch.


Enjoy the bangle along with three meaningful charms bundled together at a special price. Limited to first 50 customers.