Dreamcatcher Belly Bar

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The Dreamcatcher Belly Bar with feather details signifies peace and protection, empowering those who wear it. 

A native american tradition that has stood the test of time, the dreamcatcher is believed to protect sleeping individuals from negative dreams, letting positivity flow freely.  Each positive thought slips through the centre, gliding down the feathers to the person below, whereas negative dreams are caught in the web and will depart at the first ray of sunlight.  So what better way to protect against negativity all throughout your day than to wear this beautiful dreamcatcher belly bar.

The FIYAH dreamcatcher belly bar is cast in sterling silver, making it the ideal choice for daily use thanks to its versatile appearance and long lasting qualities, most definitely one of our favourite pieces available. For most mystical creations take a look at our Talisman.


Materials - 316L Surgical Steel, Quartz, Resin

Weight - 3.9g 

Style - Dreamcatcher Belly Bar

Gauge - 1.6mm

Length - 10mm

Width - 15mm

Height - 50mm