FIYAH Life: Unisex Jewellery

Symone K - The Suit Series

By Ben Collinson

Symone K - The Suit Series

Symone K recently featured FIYAH Jewellery as accessories for one of her 'Suit Series' shoots. This highlights the point that FIYAH is suitable for both women and men!

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'Jewellery elevates the most simplest of outfits, so I had to use Fiyah jewellery to give this skinny suit the personal touch that it deserves. Don’t be afraid of wearing jewellery, because if dropped right, it can be a small thing that personalises your style. To finish, a lapel pin in place of a pocket square and a floral neck tie rids the suit of formal connotations.'

The featured pieces are:

The FIYAH Crossover Ring

The FIYAH Adjustable Plume Ring

The FIYAH Solid Silver Ring

The FIYAH Link Bracelet

The suit series is a three part instalment that focuses on different styles of suits. Although there’s nothing wrong with the standard two piece suit, this series will highlight the other styles to take note of. First off is the skinny suit which is an essential piece to add to your arsenal…


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Unisex Style - Men's Jewellery by Symone K

By Ben Collinson

Symone K has done a blog focusing on men's jewellery featuring FIYAH. Check out the shots below and check out the full post on her blog here.

Pieces featured include the Two Finger Cross, Crossover, Plume and Solid Rings, the Connection Bracelet and the Alchemical Earth Pendant with 30" Belcher Chain. Modelled by Sean McNeshie and Photographed by Charlotte Royle, this team shows that FIYAH Jewellery works for both women and men.  We love these shots.

Two Finger Cross Ring

Crossover Ring

Adjustable Plume Ring

Solid Ring

Connection Bracelet

Alchemical Earth Pendant

30" Silver Belcher Chain



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